"Going With The Flow II"

32" x 24"  Aluminum


"Falling In Love"

32" x 24"  

"Let There Be Light,.... Then There Was Maui"

96" x 48 " 

Commission SOLD

Beyond The Waves

"Jumping For Joy"

32" x 32"  

"Brighter Days"  Copper

34" x 32" 

"Ellison Island"

Lanai Island

48" x 24"  Aluminum


"Happy Honu"

32" x 32"  


"Secret Beach"

48" x 24"  Aluminum

"Mesmer Eyezd"

24" x 32"  

Blue Ocean Floor

"Going With The Flow"

32" x 24"  Aluminum


"Let There Be Light,....

Then There Was Maui"

16" x 16 " 


36" x 24"  

​​"Blue Ocean Floor"

48" x 48"  

In life, our  waves sometimes subside. We find ourselves in times

of peaceful and calm waters or even beyond the waves. 

With that I have started a line of art called just that

 "Beyond the Waves" ​ 

When you gaze upon the raw etched metal, you have

a dance  for the eyes, the mind and the spirit. I call it "Trigasm"

Some of these pieces were created in collaboration with another artist.