The Waves of Life  

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Jack Nordby © 2013  |  All Rights Reserved

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​​​​One day, as I watched the waves in South Maui pound onto the shore of the beaches down below the Four Seasons and the Grand Wailea Hotels, 
I realized that the waves were refining and
softening the sand and polishing the rocks and the shells.

In the midst of all of the pressure provided by the tossing and 
turning of the
ocean turbulence,
the beach
was becoming a more beautiful place.

​During this time in my life, I was experiencing my own "life refining waves" crashing around
and down upon my world. With my personal problems from a heart break, a job loss, financial loss, family turmoil and other issues that we all have at
various points in life. But the worse thing that happened that year was the passing of my brother who was the true artist in the family.
​I was beginning to feel hopeless, wanting to just end it all as I was being
​   Crushed by the real “Waves of Life”.

 At that very moment on the beach, I saw this as my own refining process.
I soon ​realized that ​"life is a beach". Metaphorically speaking of course. 
These Maui waves introduced that metaphor of life that changed the way I live and see the struggles we all have to endure. And it was the inspirational epiphany that motivated me to design and begin creating these giant metal waves.

~Waves appear during our times of peace and our times of chaos,
they wash in with our highs and lows, our ups and downs,
our gains and our losses, in good health and in illness.
They gently roll in while in love and crash hard when heart break comes.
​But our waves are especially rough and we are totally tossed and turned
with the loss of a loved one, whoever or whatever that loved one is.~

May my art bring a hopeful reminder of the beautiful refining process
that each new wave, no matter what it is, truly represents. Whether it
is softening us, smoothing our sharp points and even finely polishing us up,
we are becoming more beautiful with each and every wave we experience. 

And whatever "Wave" you are experiencing at the present time just know:
​"This Wave Too Shall Pass"
​And you are a beautiful work of Art in the making!

May your next big waves bring
Love, Peace & Joy into your life.

~​Jack Nordby~